Stretch Le Clown & Cie in Châteauguay, For Guaranteed Laughter and Amusement

A Clown Who Has Brought Laughter to Thousands
With more than 25 years of experience, Stretch Le Clown & Cie knows how to entertain a crowd and bring new life to your most important events with the professionalism and flair that you expect. Trust Stretch to make your birthday party, opening or private celebration an event to remember.

A Unique Experience
Stretch honed his expertise through his work at the greatest classical circuses in Canada, like Le Grand Cirque des Fêtes at Centre Bell. He also participated in all the major festivals throughout the province, without forgetting all the shows he gave in Europe and in Asia as a Canadian ambassador. Stretch has had the chance to perform in front of thousands of children around the world. Now it is your turn to invite this professional to play for the people you love.

Enjoy the numerous disciplines this clown masters: unicyclist, stilt walker, juggler and now stuffed animal maker. What really makes Stretch special is his spontaneous humour, his fast thinking, and his facility to turn any situation into a SHOW!

Giving Back
Stretch is more than just an entertaining performer, he is also a co-founding member of the Association des Clowns du Québec. Two years ago, he also accepted the position of Children’s Activities Coordinator for the Starlight Children’s Foundation Québec, a non-profit organization that works to improve the lives of children who are suffering from serious illnesses.

Professional Associations, Awards & Certifications

•   Co-founder and member of the Association des Clowns du Québec
•   Member of the Association des Clowns du Canada
•   Recipient of the top prize from the Association des Clowns du Canada


  • Hosting of shows for children, families and adults
  • Master of ceremony
  • Rental of train for children (festivals)
  • Rental of popcorn and cotton candy machines
  • Amusing circus car (parade and circus performances)
  • Unicycle
  • Air brush makeup
  • Making of stuffed animals on site (type: « Build a Bear Workshop® »)

Hours of Operation

By appointment and subject to availability

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